Samburu National Park

The Samburu Game Reserves are the most accessible of the Northern Frontier faunal sanctuaries, 343km (213 miles) from Nairobi, 53km (33 miles) north of Isiolo township, over good roads. For those who prefer to travel by air there is a landing strip near the Samburu Lodge.
The Samburu Reserve covers an area of 104sq km (40sq miles) on the northern banks of the Uaso Nyiro River, with a river frontage of 16-km (10-mile) stretch. A bridge across the Uaso Nyiro a couple of miles upstream of the Samburu Lodge connects the two reserves, and is convenient to treat them as a single unit, together with the recently created Shaba Reserve. This third faunal area covers some 130sq km (50sq miles), also with its border along the southern bank of the Uaso Nyiro River, immediately east of the Buffalo Springs Reserve.
In addition to the rugged splendour of its landscape the very name `Northern Frontier Province’ conjures up an atmosphere of mystery and adventure. It is indeed a vast and little visited region, where traveling, even nowadays, is tough and where the nomadic tribes have changed little over the centuries. The three reserves provide a worthy introduction to this most colourful part of Kenya.
Permanent water available from the 32km (20 miles) of river ensures that an abundance of wildlife exists in the Reserves at all times. The main attractions are Reticulated Giraffe, Grevy’s Zebra, Beisa Oryx, the blue-necked Somali Ostrich and crocodiles in the river. Elephant are plentiful and Black Rhinoceros, Lion, Leopard, Cheetah, Gerenuk, Buffalo and the two species of hyaenas are to be seen. Among the smaller mammals the Ground Squirrel is abundant and tame.
For such a relatively small area the birdlife is strikingly numerous and colourful; there is no difficulty in seeing well over a hundred species of birds in a single day. Perhaps the most impressive sight is the immense flocks of Helmeted and Vulturine Guinea-fowls which make their way each afternoon to the river-bank to drink, the latter resplendent with white-streaked necks and brilliant blue underparts.
Buffalo Springs, in the Reserve of that name, with its pools and streams of fresh water, is the drinking place in the dry season for literally thousands of sandgrouse and doves, in addition to a galaxy of smaller birds.
The tiny Pygmy Falcon is common, the males blue-grey and white, the females with a mahogany-brown mantle. At a distance, when perched high in some acacia tree, they distinctly resemble shrikes. The giant amongst eagles the Martial Eagle is often seen, usually perched high on some vantage point, alert for Dik-dik or guinea-fowl.
Accommodation with all amenities is at the Samburu Game Lodge, sited on the edge of the Uaso Nyiro River below giant Newtonia trees and dom palms. The Lodge is built on the camp site of one of the most famous of the old time elephant hunters, Arthur Newmann. The visitor may find it fitting, whilst taking a `sundowner’, to contemplate the austerity endured by the early hunters and explorers contrasted with the comfort of a present- day safari! At Buffalo Springs there is now another comfortable Lodge and there are camping sites available in all three Reserves, although they provide neither watr or facilities.

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