The Sarova Salt Lick Lodge is situated opposite of Tsavo West National Park, about 400 km from Nairobi, in the heart of the Taita Hills Game Preserve. The lodge is completely built on stilts to enjoy a unique view of the grazing and thirsty animals at the waterhole. The recently renovated rooms are connected through bridges. They are spacious and comfortably appointed with bathroom and shower as well as a ceiling fan. Beds are furnished with mosquito nets. Each bathroom contains a shower, a toilet and hot and cold water. Delicious international as well as local cuisine is being served in the rich buffets of the restaurant, one level higher than the guest rooms. The history of the Sanctuary is a success in sustainable animal conservation. Elephants, lions, buffalos and giraffes could thrive. Responsible eco tourism in the Sanctuary means a strict control that animals do not feel disturbed by the safaris. Some of the areas are also closed for vehicles, to assure that animals can develop freely. Through the good support of this ecological concept through guests the Sanctuary and its wildlife can continue to prosper.